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When it comes to digital, we know that every business is completely different. Pikewood Digital offers services and marketing solutions that will help your business grow and prosper in the digital world. Whether your business is just entering the internet market or you’ve been there for years, Pikewood Digital has something to help.

Pikewood Digital is part of West Virginia Radio Corporation, an established company with strong ties to the region. Pikewood Digital was created to work with businesses that needed help navigating the digital world. Whether your business is just entering the internet market or you’ve been there for years, Pikewood Digital has something to help.

All of our products are measurable and completely transparent. This means each month you will receive a report showing you how well our products performed. Regardless of your budget, Pikewood Digital has a product that will help your business grow. Contact a member of our team today to learn more.

Digital Targeting Ads

Pikewood Digital will design custom display ads that will appear on national websites in the exact zip codes where your customers live and work. We will look at the behavior/demographics you want to target and handpick the exact websites that will reach your desired customers.

Website Development

Don’t have a website or not happy with your current one? Our team of developers will create a 10 page website giving you every element your business needs. Once the site is completed, you own it. We will walk you through how to edit your website content, making the update process quick, easy, and hassle free! No monthly fees.

Creative Graphic Design

Pikewood Digital can work with you to develop the perfect presence your business needs. Whether you need a logo, business cards, or digital graphics, our talented design team will create stunning graphics and print materials that will give your business a polished, professional look.

Social Media Management

Pikewood Digital can help you create a more cohesive Social Media strategy for your business. We will work with you to write great content that your customers want to know about. In doing so, Pikewood Digital will build a stronger bond with your current “Likes” and “Followers”, which will help your page grow.

Creating a Email Lead Nurturing Campaign That Works

Successful email campaigns are a creative endeavor. Navigating a prospective customer through the buying journey requires finesse.

Often leads aren’t ready to buy or give money from their first touch with a business or organization. These prospects require a little persuasion in the form of value proposition content and or instructive content. This type of email dialogue forges a relationship that can make a contact’s decision to purchase easier. The one of the best ways to build this relationship is with a nurture campaign.

In essence, a nurture campaign is a series of emails meant to familiarize new contacts with a brand or to provide helpful information. A nurture campaign can be easy to do but does require planning. We take a step-by-step process to create your nurture campaign.

At Pikewood Digital we have team members that create nurturing programs that will capture the emails of potential prospects and create a nurturing campaigns that will help you build relationships with these prospects and move them through your sales funnel.

Our creative campaigns tell a story, generate awareness, and build lifetime customer loyalty.

  • In just two months of working with Pikewood Digital and their targeting campaign, my auto insurance writes increased 40%.

    Parker HallState Farm Agent
  • The service Pikewood Digital provides is top quality. From initial meeting to the execution and completion of my new website, I was overly impressed. They actively listened to our unique requirements and were able to create exactly what we requested. The team did an exceptional job.

    Sam S.General Manager
  • I would have no hesitation recommending Pikewood Digital, and in fact I will make sure I do. Their team exceeded expectations.

    Michelle H.Business Owner

All creative components are handled in-house by our experienced design team, from website content to custom designed graphics.


We provide monthly reports to examine the progression, growth, impressions, hits, and traffic from each spectrum of your digital presence.


Need to change your website or banner ads? No problem! We strive to provide prompt service and an overall excellent customer experience.