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Personal Tax Services

You learn a lot from offering tax services for over 60 years. As a tax company with that much tax experience, we know how to deliver the best service possible. Whether you file your taxes with us online, in an office, or with our do-it-yourself software, one thing is certain – we’re not happy until you are.

Tax Preparation
You learn a lot from offering tax services for over 60 years. As a tax company with that much tax experience, we know how to deliver the best service possible. Meet face-to-face with a highly-skilled Tax Pro, or simply drop off your taxes and leave.

Tax Planning
We’ll help prepare you – for what to expect now and in the future. Together we’ll create a plan to help you control the outcome of your tax return.


Say Hello To Better Tax Prep

Don’t just get your taxes done – get your taxes won! We know there are
many correct ways to fill out a tax return and the IRS will accept all of
them, but one way gets you the most money back. It takes knowledge,
experience and judgment to know how to expertly navigate every
deduction or credit of the tax code and get our clients the best financial

Our Tax Pros Have Your Back

They’re friendly. They’re really smart. And they love taxes. But that’s not all
that make our Tax Pros unique. They’re also highly trained. Every H&R Block
Tax Professional completes over 84 hours of specialized training. And many
have additional certifications and expertise in specific areas of taxes. But
they all have one thing in common. They won’t quit until they find every last
tax deduction available to you. Come in and meet with one of our Tax Pros
today. We know that when it comes to taxes, different people have different
needs. No matter how complex (or simple) your tax needs are, there’s a Tax
Office near you that can help. Set up your H&R Block appointment today.

H&R Block: More Than Just Taxes

Let us do the work, so you can get on with yours.

From personal tax preparation to small business services, we offer a year-round relationship you can count on, today and well into the future.

H&R Block can help you navigate the accounting and tax responsibilities that come with running a business. Our small business accountants are experienced and qualified accountants dedicated to providing timely and proactive solutions for all your small business needs


Small Business Services

Let Block Advisors relieve the stress of burdensome paperwork. We offer business tax preparation, bookkeeping, payroll services and more. Contact us for a free consultation where we’ll discuss your goals and how we can help.

We offer a variety of options to suit your needs; whether it’s once a year or monthly service. Our bookkeepers are accessible year-round to help you through it all.

You need to be compliant and we’ll help you do that. Let us make your life easier by managing your payroll.

Tax Preparation
We stay on top of ever-changing tax laws so you can run your business. Our Tax Advisors will put your mind at ease when it comes to tax credits and deducting business expenses.

File Taxes Your Way


Whether you're a first time filer with a basic tax return or you have a complex tax situation, H&R Block has a tax solution to fit your needs.
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Available upon request-pricing per client situation
$100/one-time fee
$100 one-time set-up fee for all services
Basic bookkeeping Services
Xero access
Expenses and Payments coding and reconciliation
Assistance with IRS Letters
Annual Tax Preparation
ADP software
Monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly payroll
Electronic timecards
Direct deposit
Up to 15 employees
Automatic tax deductions
Month ends
WV withholding’s
Sales tax
Tax Payments or paperwork
$300/one-time fee
Filing of needed forms

Bank account set-up

Entity selection
(S Corp, Schedule C, Partnership)

Advice on assets


Prior months reconciliations
(available for additional fee)


Financing assistance
(available at additional fees)



Full Service Payroll & Write-up Work

$315 per month
(savings of $600 annually)

Non-Tax Payroll & Write-up Work

$220 per month
(savings of $240 annually)


We have 19 office locations in Morgantown and the surrounding areas.

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White Hall
2696 White Hall Blvd
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724 E Main Street
Mannington, WV 26582

122 Thompson Drive, #7
Bridgeport, WV 26330

460 W Pike Street
Clarksburg, WV 26301

42 South Main Street
Phillipi, WV 26416

12 Blue Avenue
Grafton, WV 26354

1214 Wal Street
Summersville, WV 26651

92 Michigan Avenue
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Moorefield, WV 26836

600 Virginia Avenue
Welch, WV 24801

527 Main Street
Pineville, WV 24874

285 Country Route 50/29
Romney, WV 26757

66 North Main Street
Keyser, WV 26726

Lavale, MD
1223D National Highway
Lavale, MD 21502

4444 Merrimac Avenue
Jacksonville, FL 32210

Orange Park
1600 Park Avenue, Suite 3
Jacksonville, FL 32073

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the tax Refund Advance loan available?

The Refund Advance is available in participating H&R Block offices beginning Jan. 4, 2020 through Feb. 29, 2020.

What is the Refund Advance?

The Refund Advance is a no-interest loan that is repaid with your tax refund. It’s available from Jan. 4, 2020 to Feb. 29, 2020, to H&R Block clients by Axos Bank®, Member FDIC, and was available in five loan amounts ($250, $500, $750, $1250, $3,500). The Refund Advance is a loan; it is not your tax refund.

What is prequalification?

This process provides you with an opportunity to see if you prequalify to apply for the Refund Advance loan. This means Axos Bank®, the lender for Refund Advance, will evaluate whether you are eligible to apply for the Refund Advance loan based in part on your tax situation from last year and certain eligibility criteria determined by the bank. This offer is not guaranteed, so if your tax situation or other relevant inputs change, your prequalification to apply could change. By going through the prequalification process, you are not applying for the Refund Advance loan; you must still pass the eligibility criteria and submit an application at the time you file your tax return.

How much does it cost?

The Refund Advance is a 0% APR loan. There are no finance charges and no loan fees charged for the Refund Advance.

What are the criteria for approval?

You first must meet certain eligibility requirements such as having a sufficient tax refund from the IRS,and provide appropriate identification. You then submit an application to Axos Bank®, the lender. The bank will evaluate your application based on standard underwriting criteria and makes the decision to approve or deny your application.

Will Refund Advance affect my credit score?

No. The bank may review your credit report as part of your application, but the review will not impact your credit score.

How quickly will I get the money if I am approved?

If your application is approved, in most cases the funds will be available the same day you apply for the Refund Advance.

How do I get the money if I am approved?

The Refund Advance loan proceeds will be placed on the H&R Block Emerald Prepaid Mastercard®Learn more about the Emerald Card® here.

Can I have the tax advance loan transferred directly to my bank account?

No, the sole disbursement option for the Refund Advance loan proceeds is the Emerald Card®. The Emerald Card® allows a one-time transfer of funds by check or ACH from your Card Account for no fee. You can find out more about Emerald Card® here.

How do I repay the Refund Advance if I am approved?

You will choose a method of repayment at the time of tax preparation. They include the following:

  • Refund Transfer 6 –The loan will be repaid from your Refund Account, along with tax preparation fees and other amounts you authorize. The remaining funds will be delivered via the disbursement method chosen during tax preparation – Emerald Card, direct deposit or check. (It is not required to purchase a Refund Transfer to apply for or receive the Refund Advance; it is entirely optional.)
  • Emerald Card® – If you do not select a Refund Transfer, you direct the loan to be repaid from your refund and the remaining amount will be loaded to your Emerald Card®.

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