Your website represents your company to the world, so make sure that you’re represented well!
The Pikewood team will construct a modern, elegant 10–page website to satisfy all of your online business needs. Our clients retain full ownership their sites, and are never required to pay monthly fees. We will also walk you through editing your website content, making the update process quick, easy, and hassle free.
Our pages have easy–to–use content management systems to ensure that you can regularly update your page without going through a third party. Pikewood provides mobile–responsive social media integration for all our website designs, along with contact forms and professional stock imagery.

02 Consumer Targeting

Consumer Targeting shows your ads to people who are most likely to take action, based on their recent behavior. With modern targeting tactics, we can help you reach prospective and existing customers based on their online searches, websites they’ve visited, where they live, and even locations they’ve visited in person. These filters can be employed with all types of advertising, from simple images to video commercials.

Our specific targeting services include:

● Keyword Search Retargeting
● Category Contextual Targeting
● Geo–Fencing Targeting
● Addressable Household Geo–Fencing
● Event Retargeting
● Site Retargeting

03 Video Advertising

Video advertising is proven to boost interaction and engagement rates above what display ads can offer. Animation and motion entertains audiences, influencing a user’s intent and brand loyalty.

Our Video Advertising service allows you to place engaging video ads across all desktop, tablet and mobile devices. We can place your 15-second, non-skippable ad before free video content on major websites like CNN.com, Forbes.com, MLB.com, local news sites, and more. We can also place “mid-roll” ads during longer videos.

We can also place your video ads with YouTube, which reaches over 90% of internet users ages 25-54. 15 or 30 second ads are non-skippable, and are effective for building brand familiarity within a short period of time.

04 Social Media

Interacting with prospective customers and loyal followers on social media is one of the best ways to help keep your brand active and engaged with current customers. At Pikewood, our team will create custom content designed to help your social media presence grow organically while keeping your current base of followers interested and informed.

Our Social Media Management Services include:
● Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or a combination
● Strategy Development
● Content Creation and posting to social platforms (8 posts per month)
● Monthly Editorial Calendars
● Paid Social Advertising via Boosted Posts

Proper social media marketing will allow you to increase your brand’s awareness, drive qualified traffic to your website and business, and generate new leads that would otherwise be missed.

05 Email Marketing

We strictly utilize “opt–in” email services to ensure that your message is not only received, but welcomed. Invalid email addresses are removed from our lists in real time, and we maintain 100% adherence to spam compliance guidelines. Our marketing professionals work with you to create emails built with dynamic, creative and responsive capabilities for all mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

Targeting: Strategy Development, content creation and posting to social (8 posts per month), monthly editorial calendars, paid social advertising via boosted posts.

06 Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the hard, technical work that allows a website to rank on the first page of Google and other search engines.

Google ranks your website’s status by how trustworthy and relevant it determines your website to be. Google judges this by a wide range of factors including source code, content, site speed, video & images, how mobile–friendly the site is, etc. Our team of specialists understand how this ranking works, and we utilize SEO best practices that ensure your site is trusted, boosting your rank in the results.

07 Pay Per Click

This type of marketing involves placing advertisements that appear on the first page of search engines when someone searches a keyword related to your business. Just as the name implies, you are only charged when someone clicks on that ad. Our PPC Specialists are Google AdWords and Bing Ads certified.

08 Over The Top Video

Web pages and social media are no longer the only options for your video ads. Smart TVs and other devices with television networks apps also stream video advertisements relevant to their users.

OTT Video ads offer at least one major advantage over social media: Your unskippable ads are inserted into longer-form content (usually an entire television show) that the viewer has already settled in to watch, increasing engagement and making them much more likely to finish your ad.

OTT Video ads still allow you to pinpoint users, including area–specific, behavioral and addressable targeting.

09 Website Chat & Messaging

Our website chat feature transfers phone calls to your staff during business hours. After hours, live agents will interact with potential clients, taking note of their needs and contact information to pass along.

10 Pifi (Wifi Capture)

This option can be especially useful for clients with brick and mortar locations that have (or could have) Wifi access provided to their customers. Gone are the days of collecting customer contact info with fishbowls full of business cards. Pi–Fi automatically builds your contact list over WiFi while capturing accurate demographic and behavioral info.

One advantage of Pi-Fi is that it allows us to generate a “Walk–Through Rate”, which measures how many customers respond to messages by physically walking through the business doors.

Pi–Fi also allows you to interact with any unhappy customers before they post negative reviews and send automated messages tailored to specific groups:

● First-time customers
● Repeat customers
● Loyal customers
● Lost customers
● Customers with birthdays or anniversaries
● Customers who visited on a specific day or time

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